Panic locks for tubular framed doors

IQ lock EL DL * Electro-mechanical motor lock for the combination with swing door drives on double leaf doors

  • Motor-driven unlocking of the door in less than one second
  • Mechanical self-locking ensures automatic crossbar projection every time the door is closed
  • Unlocking of active leaf by activating passive leaf (full panic function)
  • Divided cross latch prevents the bolt from locking even under side-load
  • Electric sequential control ensures secure locking of the door
  • Different modes of operation are available for every situation at the active leaf
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  • Integrated feedback contacts make complete monitoring of the door possible
  • Optional sabotage monitoring or cylinder contact
  • Small rear backset and small dimensions of the lock case
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Application Areas

  • Double leaf emergency exit and panic doors (left hand and right hand door)
  • Doors along escape and rescue routes
  • Fire and smoke protection doors (with MST 210 motor lock control)
  • Smoke and heat extraction system fresh air doors
  • Access control systems
  • Can be combined with GEZE automatic swing door systems
  • Locking in accordance with insurance requirements ensured
  • In combination with IQ AUT fully automated, double leaf doors can be realised (IQ lock AUT)

Technical data

IQ lock EL DL
DIN direction left / right
Service temperature -10 - 50 °C
Motor-driven unlocking < 1 s
Panic function / mechanical self-locking Yes
Divided cross latch (3 mm gap between latch and bolt) Yes
Electric sequential control Yes
Three modes of operation (daytime operation / permanently unlocked / permanently night) Yes
Feedback contacts for lock states Yes
Optional sabotage monitoring or cylinder contact Yes
Current consumption N/A, N/A
Contact rating 30 V / 500 mA
Resistant to forcing 10000 N
Connector cable length 15 m

Variants & Accessories


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