Manual fanlight openers

OL 95 * Surface-mounted fanlight opener with an opening width of 220 mm

OL 95 open Surface-mounted Slimline fanlight opener for vertically installed rectangular windows with an opening width of 220 mm
  • Achieves the full opening width of 220 mm for all leaf heights
  • The opening width can be adjusted
  • Little space necessary thanks to flat design of the scissors
  • Integrated leaf locking mechanism in the scissors ensures secure locking
  • Unhinging inhibitor and lockable hand lever offer additional safety
  • The additional locking mechanism increases safety and air-tightness
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  • Scissor unhooking by pressing the release button facilitates window cleaning from inside and outside
  • Completely pre-mounted assembly groups facilitate installation
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Application Areas

  • Convenient daily ventilation for rooms and staircases
  • Inward opening bottom-hung windows
  • Can also be used on rectangular windows for inward-opening top-hung windows
  • Special forms such as pitched and triangular windows possible
  • Installation on wooden, plastic or aluminium windows
  • Frame installation

Technical data

OL 95
Length 305 mm
Depth 49 mm
Height 16 mm
Opening width (max.) 220 mm
Leaf width (min.) 440 mm
Leaf height (min.) 350 mm
Leaf weight (max.) 60 kg
Fitting stroke 54 mm
Adjustable opening width (stroke reduction) Dependent
Leaf locking mechanism integrated in the scissors Yes
Scissor unhooking by release button Yes
Lockable Yes
Unhinging inhibitor Yes



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