Rollan 40 NT wood * Sliding door fitting system for timber, plastic, or metal doors with a leaf weight of 40 kg

Rollan 40 NT wood
  • Sliding door fitting for leaf weight up to 40 kg
  • Especially suited for wooden, plastic or metal leaf materials
  • Uniform track for Rollan 40 and 80 allows for easy adjustment to changing applications
  • Smooth-running roller carriages that can be set in motion with little force
  • Easy adjustment of the space between the door leaf and track
  • Retractable suspension plates allow for the door to be installed with a small clearance between the track and the upper edge of the door
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  • Tested for durability in accordance with DIN EN 1527 to 50,000 testing cycles
  • Closed aluminium track protects against ingress of dust and dirt
  • Simple, direct ceiling installation or bracket mounting on ceiling and wall
  • Simple adjustment of the space between door leaf and rail / readjustment also possible when installed
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Application Areas

  • For lightweight interior sliding doors
  • For passage doors or partition walls in living and office areas
  • Lower space requirements for the door fitting means simple installation even in tight areas
  • Single and multiple-leaf sliding doors
  • Installation on the ceiling or wall

Technical data

Rollan 40 NT wood
Leaf material Wood
Leaf weight (max.) 40 kg
Number of leaves 1-leaf
Leaf width (min.) 500 mm
Leaf width (max.) 1420 mm
Leaf height (max.) 3500 mm
Leaf thickness from 19 mm
Leaf thickness to 40 mm
Track geometry straight
EN 1670 Corrosion resistance 1 (acc. to EN 1670: Class 0 = none defined, Class 1 = low, Class 2 medium, Class 3 = high, Class 4 = very high, Class 5 = extraordinary)
EN 1527 Continuous function 25,000 test cycles
Type of installation Wall, Ceiling
Manual operation Yes
Colour Mill finish


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